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ikea rules
i'm never happier than when i get to assemble furniture :-) there's nothing more satisfying than all the pieces clicking together just right, and the finished product gently serving its purpose without complaint. nothing more satisfying except, that is, of course, when they forget to put a few pieces in the box. oh... and they forget to put the instructions in. so i got a little creative... and stayed up till 3:30 making it work. here's what happened:

left brain: uhh.. there's 2 screws missing, and the lower plate for the drawer is gone
right brain: fuck it, just put together everything except the drawer
left brain: we should really take it back to the store.. they didn't even include instructions!
right brain: who the hell needs instructions!
left brain: wait! what are you doing with that screwdriver?!
right brain: hehehehehehehe it's working!
left brain: AAAH! it's cracking! you can't take it back now!
right brain: we're not taking it back! we'll bury it in the yard first!
left brain: alright, if you're gonna keep going, i may as well help... hand me that hammer, the duct tape, and a 2-ton chainfall!

and so on... oh well, in any case... i win. it works.

saw aelita, queen of mars tonight, too. wow, that movie is awesome. by far my favorite silent film. i thought i'd close tonight with a haiku

ruling mars is tough
aelita doesn't take shit
from goddam commies


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