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hi everybody,

I am organizing the Mountain View Anti War protest,
and I need your help!!!

Our insane "President" is seemingly going march us to
war sometime this week. So, I decided to organize a
protest for the City of Mountain View. There is also
going to be a huge protest in SF, if you prefer. But
I want to act locally, and show my community that this
war is an insane idea. Here are the details:

Who: All of us! Plus anyone else who is interested!

What: An anti-war protest, the night of, or the night
after the war starts

When: 6pm the day that the war starts, or 6pm the day
after, if it starts at night.

Why: you know why!

Where: Mountain View City Hall (Big pink building) 500
Castro St

I have already gotten permission from the City of
Mountain View to hold this protest. I am also going
to contact the local press tonight. And, I have put
our protest on the internet under Mountain View:

Vince and I are going to be flyer-ing the
neighborhood, and making signs tonight and tommorow.
If you can help with either of these things, that
would be great!




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