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the floodgates are open
ack. i was supposed to be done with a rough out of the whole score for 'broken pane' (my short opera) but instead i started writing a symphony concerto thingy. dammit, i hate it when that happens. i'm calling the concerto 'chem x'... it's a play on the thing that makes the powerpuff girls kick ass and the x stands for.... well... duh. xine will be gone for a few weeks, maybe it will be done by the time she gets back. i wish i could explain.. i don't really have control over these things somehow.. when the music starts you can't just shut it off, you have to let it out.

anyway, here's a sneak peek at the first or maybe second movement, depending on how badly i need to wake up the audience.

oh, and sleep is still for wusses. must get back to 'broken pane'....


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