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recipe for giant windchimes

  • sheet of 1/2" to 3/4" plywood (at least 4' by 4')
  • a handful of screw-eyes with fitting washers, nuts, and wingnuts
  • a spool of heavy picture hanging wire
  • objects that will be struck/objects that will strike
  • some rope or chain for suspension


  1. cut plywood into a circle (or other shape if you prefer)
  2. drill 3 holes to fit heavy duty screw eyes at 120 degree intervals for hanging. these should be several inches in from the edge
  3. drill holes for screw eyes in places where you want to hang stuff along the perimeter as well as one in the center for the clapper
  4. insert screw eyes with washers and nuts on the side with hangers, washers and wingnuts on other side, use a reasonable amount of torque on the wingnuts so nothing falls but not so much that it breaks the wood
  5. hang stuff with the picture hanging wire
  6. suspend with rope or chain from the 3 heavy duty eyes... use a long rope that can be passed up to a person that has climbed up to the place where the chimes should be suspended


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