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consumer love
i love you, but your love
comes with too much packaging
such waste gives me a sting
it can be quite alarming

i love you, but you let
the sink run when you brush
i hate to see it gush
i'm not asking too much

i'm in love with a consumer
it isn't just a rumor
you'll never hear me say
"let's just throw our love away"
like landfill i'm here to stay
piling more and more each day
is there any other way?...

i love you, but you have
no serviceable parts
you can't fix broken hearts
i can't take more false starts

i love you, but you throw
your cans into the trash
i break into a rash
you don't see the backlash


baby don't you know, we can make a new start
if you look down deep, you can recycle your heart
it's real easy to do, you can change your ways
your consumer abuse, it was just a phase

i love you, but you drive
a gas-guzzling SUV
you saw it on TV
and said "that's the car for me"

i love you, but you're wrapped
up in polyeurathane
it's messing up your brain
and driving me insane



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