( 11:46 AM ) cxjo  
granola girl
i stopped eating meat
i stopped eating dairy
why can't you see
i'm not scary

i shop at whole foods
i buy organic
granola girl
you got me in a panic

granola girl, granola girl,
why won't you let me into your granola world?
granola girl, granola girl,
i wanna be with you so why not give me a whirl?

i burn biodiesel
in my car
but with you
i can't get very far

i take my bike
i ride the train
granola girl
you've got me going insane


cleaning oil from birds, on the beach
granola girl, you're out of my reach
your love it seems unattainable
i swear my love is sustainable

i sort my trash
i try to do my part
but in which bin
goes my broken heart

i try not to consume
and to always re-use
granola girl
i just can't take this abuse



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