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Love Embargo
12 bar blues. special thanks to VJ for help with lyrics ;)

Margo! Lift your love embargo..
Margo! Lift your love embargo, baby,
Margo! Lift your love embargo

Lift your sanctions Cuz I'm gettin' anxious
Drop your shorts I'm docking in your ports
Forget the U.N. We don't need no world courts


Never been a member Of the WTO
But that doesn't mean We can't have a go
Trade with me Or I guess you'll never know


Asked the IMF For an advance on my loan
Come on baby Throw me a bone
Promise me that And I'll make you moan


Forget NAFTA I'll tell ya what I'm after
Nothin' in life is free But for a small price, you can have me
Free trade is just Another sexy fantasy



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