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adding to the experiment
i added 3 nodes, named "Degreetwo", "Degreethree", and "Degreefour". The topography is as follows:

Degreefour -- Degreethree -- Degreetwo -- Me -- the rest of the network

this way i can see how my network is laid out in terms of order of people in my first ring, second ring, third ring, etc. So.. the stats:

Degreefour reports 9 in network
Degreethree reports 40
Degreetwo reports 855
And I report 22532

subtracting 3 from each yields the true number... since I invented 3 people and I can't count myself (althought I am my own best friend. or something)

so i have 6 friends (i knew that) and they have 37 friends between them, who have 815 friends who have 21677 friends. cool.


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