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housemate drama, part II
once again, assume has made an ass out of um and e. it turns out that our lovely housemate's VERY PERSONAL problem with her (ex)boyfriend/friend was not that he was using dangerous narcotics. so our asking her to leave because we thought he could potentially be violent or our stuff might start disappearing was COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED IN REALITY. hahaha i'm still laughing at how stupid we must sound. it's just too much. and then she thought it was all about her since it being what it was really about wasn't logical from her point of view. so then she rails into us over email about discriminating against mentally ill and holy wars and ethnic cleansing. jesus, i don't think i've ever dated anyone that /wasn't/ mentally ill... not to mention plenty of friends, family, etc.. at least she's getting treatment. what are you supposed to say? i try to treat everyone the same regardless of mental capacity/facility or sanity. when your buddy has the flu do you go way out of your way to treat him differently? buy him ice cream and kittens? what if he had the flu all the time? less likely to treat him differently, huh? what if he has the flu all the time, but he takes drugs that make it pretty much go away except the occasional sneeze? i don't see what the difference is or why i should have to remember who has what mental illness, who's on what meds, who needs to stay out of bright lights and who isn't allowed to eat after midnight.


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