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vj: let me start by saying i totally agree with your skepticism of the church(es). they are wholly untrustworthy as a rule. however, electing a gay bishop is a positive step. the crux of the problem is the literal interpretation of the bible. not long ago, people openly eating meat on friday were degenarates. then this became societally unviable. then people ate meat freely not believing themselves to be sinners, and suddenly it was no longer a sin. the same is true for a lot of literal interpretation examples.. at some point they just run out their utility. maybe the best way to advance these literal rules out of existence is to explain to christians that these are the laws of judaism and islam.. the talmud and the quran. now you, super-xtian, don't want to be like them, riiiiiight?

the key to success of any cult is being able to exclude and having some sort of jargon. i think the jargon is pretty limited.. most people understand the words liturgy, sacrament, bishop, etc.. so this isn't binding the churches like it did in the dark ages. this leaves exclusivity as the remaining binding factor... well, granted the catholics don't even allow women to be ministers yet, they will always be far behind (notice this is for their own longevity's sake). however, if protestant churches begin to diminsh their own exclusivity to a broad degree, then people will no longer have any good reason to go. they are writing their own death certificate.

tg: i'm going to kidnap you and take you to central america!


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