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dvd world domination update:
3 dvds checked out
233 in netflix queue

figured out how to decrypt and backup a dvd using dvd backup. this way i can rip a dvd to my firewire drive and play it back whenever i want even without the original dvd present. the next step is figuring out how to burn a dvd that's playable. i think the trick is to hold down the mouse button over the "other" tab in toast and then pick "dvd". then drag the video_ts into toast and burn away. last night i managed to burn a backup dvd.. but it will only play in mac. tonight i will try to burn dvds that play in dvd players.. i may have too fancy a dvd player, tho. we'll see.

note, i'm only making backups of the movies i rent from netflix in case i don't have time to watch them before i return them. keeping copies would be illegal! silly sod!


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