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getting back into the thing of swings
i was so devastated when she left me.. i was afraid i'd never see her again or that she didn't care about me. but then i realised, cleste is only a phone call away! hehehehe :P

taking the train is fun. right now i'm reading a play by howard zinn about emma goldman... great train reading. i need to leave the house by 9:05, then i walk downtown to the train station, buy my pass ($3 one way, ouch.. but still that's only about 25-30 miles worth of gasoline, so i'm breaking even if i catch a ride home), ride the train from 9:26 until 9:55, then ing picks me up from the station (on his way to work, anyway) and we get to work by 10:10. so it costs about the same as driving, takes an extra 40 minutes, but i get a 15 minute walk and 30 minutes of reading.. .so i feel like i come out ahead.


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