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great concert at venue 9
went to a great concert/show last night.. started off with THE christi denton performing "working girl", a mix of different sounds of women working. since i really love listening to, uh, well, everything around me all the time, i love listening to pieces like this where you can feel the intermingling of different ambient areas and different ideas and places and textures and natural rhythms and pitches. and the visuals were really well drawn, and worked really well with the piece, but something wasn't quite perfect. dunno.. i usually don't go for pictures cuz i feel like i'm not allowed to close my eyes and really listen deeply. i prefer when it's more like maggie payne's piece in the EMF a few years ago with just pictures of landscapes so that way you don't feel guilty about closing your eyes.

the next piece up was a few short fims by kavita, which i really enjoyed. both films depicted indian women contrasted between a modern setting and in more traditional garb. the first showed a woman in professional looking clothes who goes into a restroom looking upset, and then she kind of pulls herself together and the scene cuts to a "traditional" indian women making the same motions and expression, but more in a state of meditation. very powerful and hard to put into words. the next one showed a woman dressed "modernly" sitting at a sidewalk cafe, and this guy comes and tries to pick up on her, and she looks like she's kind of flirting with him, but kind of disinterested, then it compares this scene with a woman in a sari walking through a metropolitan area in front of these great murals and grafiti and finally going to a park where the kids watch her dance.

up next was HeartRhythms, a congolese drumming circle comprised entirely of women. the leader was very charismatic, with great stage presence. the drummers were decent, and when they played together you could really feel it in the small venue. there were also 2 dancers that were pretty authentic looking in their movements (at least what i remember from national geographic). the rhythms, polyrhythms, syncopation were really entrancing with sensational results.


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