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mmmmmmm eviscerate
so, we went to see "once upon a time in mexico" last night. what a hilarious and gruesome movie! johnny depp plays a CIA agent in charge of "keeping the balance" in mexico.. like, if he gets food that's just too good he goes back and kills the cook. he wears these great rediculous disguises (a shirt with "CIA: cleavage inspection agency" written on the front) rigs bullfights for cash, and is simultaneously manipulating (or trying to manipulate) his informant (cheech marin), a folk legend guitar playing bandito (antonio banderas), a federale agent (some chick that's not salma hayek), and a former fbi agent (some guy i can't remember his name). meanwhile, antonio banderas and the fbi agent both hold grudges against the drug cartel overlord (what's his name, the guy that played the bad guy in spiderman) and the army general he is planning a military coup with. so the shit all goes down and antonio rounds up his possee (including enrique iglesias) to try to save the day. this one is a keeper.


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