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maybe i'm not insane. it's just that i'm not exercising enough, and i'm not married (uhhhh..?). well that's going to stop! also, i'm going to start sleeping more.

yesterday was great. the glass pitcher part of my french press broke and i needed to replace it. so i went to sears, mistakenly thinking they'd have a replacement part. then i went to walmart on a whim, and they didn't have it either, but they had a small stainless pitcher that was exactly the right diameter. so i got it. and i got a salsa maker for another $14. go free market!! then on the way home i stopped at frys and got a dvd+-rw/cdrw USB2.0 firewire thingie. when i got home, i made coffee, made salsa, and tried to make a cd... i found out that this particular drive is not supported by mac. d'oh! but looking further, i found that toast will support it! and i still have toast from when i borrowed it from ceeeeeeeelst!!!!! so i installed it and it worked and now i have maded 10 CDs and it didn't even make 1 coaster!!! kickass. now i will get netflix and start copying dvds.. :>


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