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i've come to a few realisations in the last few weeks/days/minutes...

1. i'm insane - most of what i do is driven by either whimsy, obsessive-compulsiveness, the urge to watch spinny things or bright flashiness, or the urge to try to balance objects in unnatural manners

2. a lot of people are a lot cooler than i am - sad but true. especially chicks that blog. i feel like i do things that cool people do.. like play guitar and ride my skateboard, but those things don't outweigh my general dorkiness

3. i prolly don't give a shit what you think - ok maybe i had this realisation longer ago..

4. i'm not sure any more who's reading this or who even cares - i used to track the logs, and i had an idea of how many people were reading and from what geographic areas, but i don't know how to any more, and i don't really care, either.


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