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i have more than 100 DVDs in my netflix queue. in fact, current count is 113.

went sailing saturday, didn't make it to mexico. next time..

ran the dish yesterday.. that's the radio astronomy telescope/satellite dish looking thingy behind the stanford campus. it's a grueling, awesome run with tons of vertical change, great scenery (*nudge nudge, wink wink*).. uhhmm wildlife, and it's almost all completely paved so no turning ankles. it's a 3.3 mile loop around, with about 300 feet vertical change from bottom to top (but there's a lot of up and down, so it's surely more than that total). so to meet my ultimate goal of dayclimbing mount whitney, i should be able to do the loop three times in two hours, without breaking out of my training zone (165 bpm). for reference, i did it once yesterday in 46 minutes (with a 5-10 minute break) and average heartrate of about 175... argh, i have a long way to go! of course, it was really hot and i didn't have enough water..


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