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another year older, and deeper in ____
it's not so bad.. what you spend in innocence you make up for in experience. live and learn. and all that.

i actually had a really great birthday.. i woke up around 9 when my gran called, and then my folks showed up right as i was hanging up the phone. so they thought someone was in the room with me. then they wouldn't believe me that nobody was in there but me, so i just kind of went with it. so i got up and made coffee and bacon and eggs and chatted for a while then my folks went to a football game. so i went for a run, then went home and ate some lunch. then worked on the car a bit. then went out to dinner and pigged out and drank way too much. yay! went home and passed out, then sarge showed up with krispy kremes! i ate two of them and thought i was gonna die. so then i passed out again and woke up around 3:30 and went to bed.

then on sunday i did about 8 miles in the woods.. totally flaked on laurel's party. d'oh! i really got into a zone, tho.. it was strange.. i was moving pretty fast down the hill using all my concentration to place my feet and not fall to certain death when all of the sudden i stopped and realised that there was all this stuff going on around me. trees. grass. birds. squirrels. all in their own harmony and dischord. struggling to survive. coasting on the fat of the land. and here was i, a part of this system and yet so apart from it i didn't even see what was happening. so i slowed down and watched a few cottontail rabbits eat dinner. and another jogger came by and scared them away. so i walked to my car.


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