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helped v&t move in over the weekend.. we finally got the icemaker all hooked up in their new place.. after a bit of a struggle, and an o-ring that was on hiatus.. now everything looks in good shape. not to mention the electrical, which appears to be working like a charm! we added a grounding rod to the breaker box and vince crawled underneath and passed some grounds up to the computer room. someday maybe i'll buy me a little fixer-upper.. kick back.. raise some younguns..... nah, i'd rather go sailing.

in other news, it has come to my attention that some people (whose names i won't mention) don't like what i write here, take offense, take it personally. well, i'd like to tell those people to stuff it up their arse, i'm not talking about them, anyway. except that i am! muhahahahahaa

no, but really i'm just teasing. can't you take a joke? no? well then, as the french say: "FUCK YOU!!"


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