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rock me, amadeus
watched amadeus last night.. i hadn't seen it in a while, which is too bad. what an amazing movie. what an amazing guy. so, if you haven't seen it, the movie is basically about the life of mozart, told from the point of view of a colleague, salieri, another composer living in vienna and acting as the emporer's official court composer. salieri is portrayed as a super-catholic, devoting his life to serving god thru music. so when wolfie comes along, a foul-mouthed womanizing drunk, and god bestows upon him the power to create the most beautiful music, salieri becomes more and more spiteful, eventually destroying mozart thru his influence and treachery. so, on mozart's deathbed, salieri takes dictation while mozart hums and sings tunes until mozart basically dies of exhaustion. i really question the veracity of this scene, although it is very powerful. i mean, it takes me a few minutes to work out a phrase, the rhythms, the tune, the harmony, even if i can hear it quite clearly in my head. and here is salieri simply scribbling down almost as fast as mozart can hum several bars at a time. oh well, i guess it's possible. they were both friggin bipolar, they prolly communicated with alpha waves anyway. so xine thinks the movie is about envy. i don't think so.. i don't think salieri envies mozart's talent. he is confused and spiteful to god that god would bestow such talent to mozart and not to himself, but he is not envious. in the end, god is teaching him a lesson: don't worry about god, he takes care of himself. worry about your own happiness and use your own talents to make yourself and others around you happy.


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