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my blog is soooo exciting!

i'm really going to get up at 7:30 tomorrow. i mean it. no more being late to work. arg.

today was the goodbye lunch for Jeff, a buddy at work. he's been here almost as long as i have.. poor schmuck. actually, he prolly cashed out his options or whatever and will just relax for a little while. he said to me that he's going to live in vancouver, and that he hasn't found a job yet.. but he said he's going there for personal reasons. i didn't ask. so i drew him a picture on the tablecloth at the restaurant with crayons, of him sitting on an island waving and holding a sign that says "vancouver" up to a passing ship with his name on the foresail. the island has a coconut palm and the company logo. the sun is setting. i'm not sure what it all means, but i think he likes it. oh well.

tonight i may bake some chocolate chip cookies, if i can find a recipe that is sufficiently vegan. then there may be a suprise for some special people out there...


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