( 5:13 PM ) cxjo  
(you) warm me up
(until my sea levels rise)

i met you on the IMF tour
wanted to open my factory in your backdoor
we really hit it off
even tho your emissions kinda made me cough

we never needed no pollution credit
opened up shop, and i'll never regret it
you showed me your love, down there upon the map
and then my heart melted like a polar ice cap

you give me one degree
love rising up like the sea
then you give me two
i'm really crazy for you
then you give me three
down here it sure becomes salty
and then you give me four
and leave me screamin screamin screamin thirsty for more

you give me five
how can we still be alive
then you give me six
is this how you get your kicks?
you give me seven
our CO2 goes up to eleven
then you give me eight
how could our planet have such a grim fate?

now i've been with you for many a year
losing your love, i never will fear
some places in the world, were never meant for living
they don't understand love, it's all about giving

like us, giving off the most noxious gas
our love, it seems, will always last and last
you still do it to me, i don't deny it
hay baby, don't knock it, unless you've tried it!



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