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emma rocks
been reading more of emma goldman's writings lately.. well first i read the zinn play about her, which was really great, and highly recommended: Emma : A Play in Two Acts About Emma Goldman, American Anarchist. now i'm working on Red Emma Speaks: An Emma Goldman Reader, which is just fantastic. i skipped the intro which got old really fast and jumped straight into her descriptions of anarchy.. it's a great statement of how anarchy really works, and why the folks in charge will never let us have it (cuz then they wouldn't be in charge any more...). it dispells quite plainly the myths that anarchy would simply be chaos, destruction, and violence, and that anarchy is impractical. she then goes on to describe how, beginning with earliest religion, we have been oppressed and taught to believe (even to have devout faith!) that we are inferior creatures... to believe that there is a power out there (the state, religion, elected officials) that is more important, wiser, that we must be subservient to. also that a system of rules, laws, or commandments will be inherently violent and carried out by violence. violence begets violence.. didn't we learn anything in kindergarten? anyway, so far it's a great read, and also highly recommended.


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