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xmas is coming
the goose is getting fat!

i dunno.. i like the holidays! and my (extended) family always has a good time, regardless of what's going on in the world. of course, we do that all year anyway.. that's just the way we are. much cheer and love, dancing and singing, joy and happiness. and also a fair shot of rum in the eggnog ;-)

it's funny, tho.. when i tell people we're having like 30 or 40 family members for xmas dinner they always say 'oh, a family reunion, huh?' but it's the same thing we do every year! sometimes multiple times a year at that! 'reunion' to me implies that it's people you don't see very often or care much about, but are vaguely related to... this couldn't be further from the truth. it kind of ties into some other things we have been discussing lately about family and isolation, etc.. why is it strange to have a close family that's bigger than 4 or 5?


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