( 3:41 PM ) cxjo  
sick as a..
i have some sort of bronchitis/tonsillitis/laryngitis. so my whole body feels fine except for my throat and sinus, which kind of feel like i've been trying to breathe sandpaper. actually, sandpaper sounds kind of soothing right now... ahh, 220 grit... and also the laryngitis part means that talking is extremely difficult and painful. so i'm home in bed right now with my vics vapor humidifier and crysanthemum tea.

happy 2004 everyone! *cough cough*

i'll try to put some posts up later about xmas and new years... almost starting a bar brawl with "fucking man u supporters in south alabama".. the waffle house at 3:30AM... drinking way too much and sleeping way to little... and i wonder why i'm sick now ;)


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