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why is everyone so down on representative government? why does everyone want to support the plutocracy? if someone chooses to vote for a third party, it's because they feel REPRESENTED by that party, and not REPRESENTED by the alternatives. REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT. we live in america, where we all have the freedom to vote for whomever we want, no matter what the consequences. talking down on ralph and the others and making folks feel bad or worthless about supporting third parties is to me complete and utter bullshit. confining ourselves to two parties is the same as saying not only, it's ok, but giving the stamp of approval for those two parties to behave in any way they choose. i agree with sorensen about the fact that the candidates are driven by poll results, but the fact is that they can also sway the poll results if their case (and their conscience and character) is presented in a persuasive way. so lay off of ralph, for christ sakes.. or you'll end up getting the government you deserve!


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