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checking in..
kicking some serious butt at work.. maybe someday they'll pay me for it or something. i've just about set the company record for the fastest hardware bringup ever. woohoo.

moving is moving along.. sold more stuff on ebay, getting ready to put more stuff up for auction, take more stuff to goodwill, or to it's rightful owner, or to the recycling plant. yay. at this rate, i will soon be able to fit everything i own on havana, or in one of my cars .. then it's "see ya!"

something to discuss: calling dr freud, calling dr freud.... it seems that the son of Knight (CA state sen famous for pushing prop 22 thru the ballot boxes illegally endorsing only opposite sex marriages) is now married to another man. both Knights claim prop 22 had nothing to do with their personal lives. yeah, right. every day that goes by makes the opponents of non-opposite sex marriage look more and more like the opponents of integrated schooling, inerracial marriage, etc, etc.. of course, the same people may just still be opposed to those things, so maybe the similarity shouldn't be surprising ..


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