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there'll be time enough for sleepin when we're dead
so for a few nights last week i made this herbal nyquil solution to try to get over my current/past cold. it's not that much more per dose than normal nyquil, and making it in no way supports P&G/vivisection/unfair labour practise/etc. making it involves brewing a cup of Cold Care Pm Cold & Flu Tea really strong (steeping covered for 10-15 minutes) and then adding 30 drops of valerian root extract (it's a LOT cheaper than that at Food Hole). the result: well, the first night i slept very soundly and deeply, and even if i didn't get a lot of REM sleep, the deep sleep and muscle relaxation did me wonders. i awoke with a headache/slight hangover that went away instantly at the first drop of coffee. i went on with the day able to work normally. the next night i did it again, and that's when the weird dreams started. maybe i finally got enough out of my sleep debt to be able to remember dreams, or maybe i just shouldn't go to bed wearing socks.. whatever it was, my dreams got really weird and freaky and i was not handling it very well. maybe i shouldn't have stayed up so late watching 'the big lebowski'. or maybe i shouldn't have been having those conversations with ceelst about breaking up and telling her about all my old relationships that didn't work worth a damn for one reason or another. in any case, i'm gonna lay off the tea for a few days...


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