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another update
biked home at 8:30, laid down at 9 after 5 minute shower, but still recovering from ride, so couldn't even go into stage 1 sleep. got up and had some fud. will try to sleep 25 minutes at 1am (almost there!). for future reference.. no exercise within 1 hour before sleep time. also, prolly not a good idea to eat within 1 hour either. i'm thinking, best thing to do is get up from nap, then exercise, then recover, then eat, then do stuff, then sleep again on schedule. this is most intriguing to me since it hasn't been thoroughly studied. this is because basic assumptions about sleep are always made (such as, sleep thru the night) which deserve to be studied more carefully. the fact that ppl have done this for more than a few days and not gone insane tells me it is not the same as sleep dep. but then again, what do i know?


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