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so i bought an EV (used, on craigslist, of course) since i thought it would be a good idea for commuting to use a very small electric vehicle, since part of my commute involves going where cars can't go. so i got the scooter, and i rode it home last night, but then the battery gave out a few miles from home (i was actually looking for a shortcut.. maybe if i had just taken the known good "long way" home i would have been fine) anyways.. so i had to kick my EV the rest of the way home. yes i was wearing my helmet, and yes i had a light. but this lead to the problem of how i would get back to work this morning... since i wasn't confident the EV will take me the whole way and/or make it in a reasonable time frame. so i biked! biking is good.. and a quick way to commute a few miles. once i get my bike tuned up (it's not actually totally safe right now.. chain jams up at inopportune times.. but fine on the biggest chain ring) i may just commute with it all the time. at least for the summer it should be fine.. so now what do i do with the EV? oh well... at least craigslist is cheap!


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