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work. coming back from holiday is rough (even a short holiday). need to finish work early this week so i can relax a bit..

great weekend tho! friday had lunch with juraj, ana, nalini, and karl, met joel and nicole for a few minutes in there too. then later ana and nalini came over and we sat by the pool with juraj and wasted away the hours. good friday.

saturday got a little cleaning done (garage, etc) then picked up alex in sf and we hung out in berkeley all afternoon. met up with vince, tammy and himanshu for ZACH's (with a pint at barcalay's just previous) then cruised down to that gelateria on shattuck that's so popular. what a fantastic time! after that we went up to inidan rock to watch the view and the highschool kids get wasted. it was a bit foggy, but still a gorgeous view.

sunday fixed up my room a bit, finally setup MY bed and MY tables.. AND got rid of some of the fugly furniture that was in there before (and some nice stuff that Thibaut took but just didn't match any of the other stuff). ahh what a relief!

alright.. back to work!


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