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thinking of trying something new
uberman's sleep schedule .. something i picked up from clst's blog comments. sounds interesting, and i think i can make it work... so i will try to take 20-25min naps at 1, 5, 9, 1, 5, 9... so far, so good.. i had a nice 25 min nap at 1pm today after lunch. i didn't actually lose consciousness, but i did get a little rest... but then again i'm starting with a pretty clean slate in terms of sleep debt. i don't think i've been sleeping /quite/ enough (then again, who does?) but most days i am alert and awake for the whole day... my caffeine intake is down to 1 morning cup (and maybe an afternoon tea or single shot) so i can use caffeine to my advantage in this experiment.

part of the theory is that you "trick" your brain into going directly into REM sleep during the naps. this is something i've noticed before in my own sleep dep experiments.. after a few days of sleep dep, any sleep you get will be REM sleep and then deep sleep.. none of these other crap stages that we don't understand anyway.

oh well...everyone is different, and everyone has different sleep needs to function well and remain healthy. this all depends on heredity, nutrition, exercise, stress level.. i'm willing to give the uberman method a fair try, and i'll report back my findings... and try to keep a decent sleep log on this blog.


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