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on the road again
some quick updates: uhmmmm... we're getting the band back together! yay! let's see.. i bought some cds: kill bill v2 soundtrack, lost in translation soundtrack (i like soundtracks), 2 cake cds i didn't have. what else.. i'm sick.. a little tickle in my throat, so it's hard to talk. clst thinks i'm going thru puberty again. oh! and i'm installing a stereo on the boat this weekend, and of course some folks will come to help celebrate that. also..... yeah. the powerbook of doom is in dire condition. it fails to boot sometimes, or fails to power up the monitor on boot. so i'm no longer carrying it back and forth to work. so i'm effectively not keeping up with ppl's blogs very well, and not paying much attention to my own. apologies.

alright.. everyone have a great weekend! tonight we're going to see the future sluts of america. all i know about them is that they're VERY LOUD!!! YAAAAAY!


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