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update here.. last weekend got some quality work done on the mercedes. working with dan, we did a little work on his single tank wvo conversion, then we tackled mine, and got quite a bit done! 95% of the wiring is done on mine, and the plumbing is done under the hood. all that's left is plumbing the tanks into the solenoid, and wiring the solenoid.. then fill up with veggie oil and test her out. other stuff needs to be done with the car, tho.. such as grinding out all the rust and filling with fibreglass/bondo. then polish up and wax everything to stop the rust from coming back. need to carpet the interior and install the new seat covers and padding, too.. and a few more things.. stereo of course.. and i'm thinking of doing something really kickass with the console, since i threw the old nasty one out. maybe diamondplate? i wish i could weld....


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