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3 day weekend
every weekend should be a 3 day weekend! friday night went out with cow-orkers to the house of dead meat.. stopping at mitchells ice cream on the way. mmmmmmmmmmmm ice cream.. after that went to ruby skye to try to find a friend there.. but it was such a zoo in there i couldn't find them.

saturday, had bbq with cow-orkers.. played hoops at the local middle school, ate way too much food. then went out with T to the city and met up with friends (frogs) and had a drink.

sunday got more work done on the mercedes (almost done with the conversion, actually) then had dinner in mountain view and was on the way home when.. putt putt putt.. engine stops. so i pull over on 101 and start futzing with all the stuff we had installed that day, only to find that it was all in really good shape. called dan, since he was a few minutes behind me, and he pulled over to help out. eventually i decided she must be out of fuel, since i had let the fuel level run down pretty far to make it easier to work on the fuel system (removing tanks, etc..) so i dumped in 3 gallons of about B80 (80% biodiesel mix) and started priming. priming pump offered no resistance, so it was obvious that there was no fuel in there... so i'm priming and bleeding, dan is cranking the starter every now and then, when suddenly: poooof! cough cough.. and she starts right up. i'm considering altering the plumbing somewhat to make this process a bit easier in the future.

monday, met up with v dogg and h and went to work on the boat. we installed (and manufactured) all new lifelines, and fixed the hinge on one of the lazarettes. also upgraded some of the rigging (outhaul). then we sailed way up to the oakland airport, turned back and ran to the sm bridge, under the bridge for a peek, then back up before the sun got too low. full moon made it pretty easy to see anyway... just make sure you hit the harbor entrance with plenty of room from the south!

ok is that enough update?


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