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o-blog-atory update
bad pun. sorry.

what to write about.. well, went to a concert the other night at 21 grand, started with 3 trumpets making funny random noises that was quite enjoyable for some moments.. then went to a clarinet, trumpet, voice, bass, laptop combo that was so well combined it seemed like they weren't even improvising! oh!! and the chili we had beforehand was exquisite!! mmmmm chili and cornbread...

last night we went to house of dead meat with the roomies. since t is leaving us soon we decided we should go before it's too late, and he'd never been there before. so that's like 2 times within 30 days.. aahhhhhh tasty. to compensate for the overconsumption i've been overactive. ran 4 yesterday, 7 this morning. and of course still biking like crazy. so maybe i won't turn into a butterball..

so in addition to looking for a replacement for t, we're also looking at possible alternatives, such as a new place to live. now, even tho we've only been in the current place a few months, it kind of sucks in a lot of ways. so we're trying to remain open.. especially if the new place is close to edgewood open space preserve and has an indoor 5 seater hot tub ;)


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