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feel the burn
just got back from lunch.. i have now experienced (probably) the world's hottest hamburger. i spent the morning popping antacid tabs, and had 2 big bowls of shredded wheat in soymilk as well as a cup of oats right before going. i cut the burger into 2 halves and wolfed down 90% of the first half before i got hiccoughs. habenero hiccoughs HURT! so i stopped and chugged a pint of sierra, and finished off the last bite. at this point my mouth was such utter utter fire that i worked thru the second half with little difficulty, even managing to chew a little bit. then i wiped up the remaining sauce with my onion rings (yummy yummy) chugged another pint of sierra, and slowly consumed the rest of the rings with a much milder red sauce as judy wiped the tears from my eyes.

after that i went to the bathroom to make room for another pint of sierra... important safety tip: wash your hands VERY carefully after eating habeneros BEFORE using the restroom. ASK ME WHY I KNOW! ouch!!

anyway.. at this point i'm feeling pretty good.. sipping mint tea and popping a few antacid tabs every hour. my mouth and face are numb (as well as some other areas) and my tummy only feels slightly like i just swallowed a broken lightbulb. and ppl will eat more than 1 of these?!?


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