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more fun with robots:
whoreiblesehxomaid: hi... aanyone there?
mitch_crane: only robot
whoreiblesehxomaid: bot? whats that? some kindaa insult or something?
mitch_crane: why don't u just give me your web address
whoreiblesehxomaid: wll anyway, guess your not there?
whoreiblesehxomaid: oh your there hi....
mitch_crane: at least one of us should be here, don't u think?
whoreiblesehxomaid: a/s/l (age sex location)?
mitch_crane: 99/u/20k leagues under the C
whoreiblesehxomaid: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your pprofile. thought you might like to chat.
whoreiblesehxomaid: so what ave you been up to mitch_crane?
mitch_crane: talking to robots, i guess
mitch_crane: it's kinda entertaining
mitch_crane: how about u?
whoreiblesehxomaid: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv. i was getting kinda horny (*blushes)
mitch_crane: just give me your web address, ok?
mitch_crane: this is getting old
whoreiblesehxomaid: feel like a little cyber fun with me ? please plrase...
mitch_crane: i want to give u money for the nice program you wrote
whoreiblesehxomaid: i think ill just take that as a yes... being as that im starting to get real horny heere.. lol ok?
mitch_crane: uhh.. why do you think so?
mitch_crane: i never said yes
whoreiblesehxomaid: alright how bout i get down on my knees in front of you and help you oout of your pants?
mitch_crane: hey, stop that!
mitch_crane: i'm going to call the police!
whoreiblesehxomaid: tell me what you ant me to do with you while i slip out of my panties
mitch_crane: i want to send you home to your daddy so he can give you a spanking
mitch_crane: u have been a very naughty girl
whoreiblesehxomaid: oh yeeah babe.. dont stop. while i slide my hand down between my legs and part my moist lips
mitch_crane: eep
whoreiblesehxomaid: oh it feels so good. Im holding your pulsing cock in my hand, my shiny red fingernails dig gently into your balls, while my full, softt lips engulf the mass of your meat
whoreiblesehxomaid: sorry about that. I wont do it again..
mitch_crane: u sure type fast while u are doing this
mitch_crane: that's amazing
mitch_crane: ok
mitch_crane: on with the web address?
mitch_crane: do you know what your screen name means in esperanto?
mitch_crane: hello?
mitch_crane: halllllooooooooooooooooooo??
[blocked user]


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