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why donald rumsfeld won't be fired
well, for one, leaving him in is a show of the current administration's power. they do what they want, regardless of what ANYONE thinks. McCain and Lott, who, last I checked, were republicans, have both come forward with pretty biting indictments of rumsfeld's performance. if anything, this does more to show how powerful this administration is.. they don't even have to answer to their own party!

second, rumsfeld is defense secretary by title only. his true purpose is something far darker and more mysterious. he has been put into this position to make sure that certain things will happen, certain events will take place, and he's not going to leave until they do. replacing him might cause these things to go down not exactly in the way that certain people might want them to go down. i shudder to think what these events might be, or the implication they may have on the rest of the world.


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