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forget the geneva conventions
ok, after listening to a bit of terry gross' interview today (about the torture papers) i'm somewhat convinced that the geneva conventions are obsolete. in fact, i'm convinced that part of the reason for the infamous "mission accomplished" speech is so that we could declare iraq's government (and army) dissolved and not have to treat those prisoners of war as members of a nation-state army. wave the magic wand, all of the sudden you have no protection under geneva. HOWEVER... there still exists a little document that i believe accords every captive equal and fair protection from torture, abuse, "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" that we should be taking seriously, war or no war, terror or no terror. every human is accorded rights as a human, regardless of their previous actions. this includes scott peterson, george w., hitler, osama and saddam all equally. sorry, that's just the way it is.

there is no accountability. the US has left the UN in the dust, and refuses to put its own soldiers under trial on the world court (cuz they would get busted for war crimes, and that would be embarrassing... this even counts wars where we accepted geneva, i.e. vietnam). so anyway.... i guess it's just the same lesson over and over again... as long as you win and/or you can buy yourself out of it, you won't be held accountable for atrocity.


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