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put an end to torture, now!
it's incredible that the morally superior religious right are conding this kind of atrocity. actually, no, it's not. it's right up their alley. it's what jesus would do.

it's a fact that torture does not improve the kind of intelligence you get. people will say anything to stop the pain. it will not make them more likely to tell you the truth, even and ESPECIALLY under circumstances like nuclear threat. do ppl have any clue as to how hard it would be to build and transport a nuke into a US city? after all that trouble they are not going to give up any info, period. the way to stop the would be terrorist is NOT to promote more violence and torture.. we should be promoting non-violence.. anti-terror..... stopping state sponsored terror and occupation, stopping state sponsored torture, stopping harsh globalization and the taxpayer sponsored subsidised cheap food exports.. arg! there shouldn't even be a debate on torture! it should just be condemned, period!


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