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win every battle
still lose the war

"The analysis suggests that unless something dramatic changes - such as a newfound will by Iraqis to reject the insurgency or a large escalation of U.S. troop strength - the United States won't win the war. It's axiomatic among military thinkers that insurgencies are especially hard to defeat because the insurgents' goal isn't to win in a conventional sense but merely to survive until the will of the occupying power is sapped. Recent polls already suggest an erosion of support among Americans for the war."


I was thinking about it, you can't force democracy. It's like forcing a woman or forcing know the old joke: "you can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think" as any parent knows, interests develop.

It's so hard as someone who grew up during the Vietnam war to see your country making the same mistakes. I mean it was so bloody painful and here we go again. I mean what kept us going was this thought well, we learned that we had too much hubris, but at least we won't do it again. I mean it took YEARS to get that damned Vietnam wall up in DC and it was like after it was up you thought there was some ending to this whole thing. Now we have to wait another 20 years for the wall for the dead in Iraq.

i think we've just seen the tip of the hubris iceburg... at least the outgoing sec of state wasn't a raving idealogue.
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