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Tapes Show Enron Arranged Plant Shutdown

"In one January 2001 telephone tape of an Enron trader the public utility identified as Bill Williams and a Las Vegas energy official identified only as Rich, an agreement was made to shut down a power plant providing energy to California. The shutdown was set for an afternoon of peak energy demand.

"This is going to be a word-of-mouth kind of thing," Mr. Williams says on the tape. "We want you guys to get a little creative and come up with a reason to go down." After agreeing to take the plant down, the Nevada official questioned the reason. "O.K., so we're just coming down for some maintenance, like a forced outage type of thing?" Rich asks. "And that's cool?"

"Hopefully," Mr. Williams says, before both men laugh."

i hope it's nice guys like these that are chosen to manage my private social security acct. yaaay privatisation!


Remember how they made the comment about "old ladies" and the heating etc? I have always had this fantasy of some Enron guys going to an old folks home and getting severly beaten up

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