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dentist recommendations way out of line

"Edenbarger had obtained the opinion of a panel of several dentists who had no financial interest in his teeth, and they concluded that the dental work required should not exceed $1,500. The members of the panel all agreed that he needed a crown on tooth #30, but that a crown on tooth #18 was debatable. In contrast, of the 50 dentists visited in the survey, one recommended 21 crowns and six veneers, and 15 dentists missed the fact that tooth #30 needed a crown. Only 12 of the dentists suggested work that was substantially in line with the panel."

i can corroborate this... last january i went to a hokey dentist (the big truck that comes onsite at work) and they recommended i get fillings in about 5 different places. hell, she was ready to pull my wisdom teeth right then and there. the next week i went to a much better dentist (family friend) in san jose... turned out, there were no fillings or pulings necessary..

the real advice? try to find dental care from someone that has more than just an economic interest in your dental health.


When I went to my childrens dentist for the last time, he warned me about this stuff. He said get second opinions etc.
the dentist my parents made me go to until i was 18 was defintely the more fillings = more money type....

when was this? cause i read something very similar about ten years ago.

can you imagine going to the dentist 50 times in a couple of weeks? yuck.
My last dentist asked me if "we" wanted to replace all my fillings with new fillings each time I was there. My new dentist insists I need a $900 crown which isn't covered by insurance.
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