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duck and cover
let's hope rice's previous statements don't backfire into a mushroom cloud.


If we tried to talk to North Korea about this, um, their talks with china would collapse, um, which, is, um, why China wants us to start talks...

If N. Korea nukes us, they don't have long range missiles. Unless they aim at Alaska, they're going to hit a blue state. Maybe Washington. or California, although I understand that might have negative financial consequences. But, boy, then we could have a war!!
Well...when you publically state you hate someone (Bush said the h word to a news reporter about whatshisname) and then call them part of an "Axis of evil" well...they might not want to party with you.
Just a guess....

Hey! No worries! Haven't you people learned to love the bomb yet???
i know i stopped worrying...

-Carol "Tex" Marshall
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