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global warming is a myth
don't take my word on it, just ask Steven Milloy at of course you can trust him, he's from fox news! oh and he got his start by debunking that other silly myth, that tobacco and lung cancer are related. CORRELATION people.. not cause.

anyway, why would anyone want to believe a bunch of coneheaded nobel prize winning scientists? they are obviously just out there to uhm.. get us to follow in the steps of that original environazi, Theodore Roosevet.. but anyway those NAS funded nobel prize winners are just a bunch of lib'ral scumbags, right? (like John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Arnie, George Pataki, Olympia Snowe, Dick Lugar, etc, etc..)


what are you, some kind of pinko?
All you libbies are the same, sheesh.

-Rush...'in Carol getting ready for Thanksgiving!
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