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yay, sinusitis
so i think the intense pain in my upper jaw/teeth that concidentally started when i had a cold over thanksgiving can all be traced to sinusitis. arg. i never really had these problems before my wisdom tooth acted up last year.. now it comes and goes every few months, maybe coinciding with when i get colds/allergy attacks :(


didja get the teeth pulled?
Yeah did you? or have you thought of like acupuncture? I would bet the stress of the teeth caused other messes, and the immune system to shut down. Teeth effect everything else.

another thing, get a good massage.

they took 1 tooth, from the same quadrant as the one that gets sore from time to time. good thing they didn't take the other 3.. i couldn't take all the side effects in the other 3 quadrants .. and i never get cavities anyway, so there's not much benefit to pulling them (according to the surgeon, not the dentist)
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