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surreal deer stampede
wow! just got home from work at 5am.. noticed something in the corner of my eye after pulling into the parking spot as i was opening the cardoor.. and then noticed the sounds *clop* *clop* *clop* and was suddenly eye-to-eye with a deer, who noticed me and proceeded to run like hell down the hill. behind her was her 5 sisters, all of which went batshit and raced down the street after the first one! eep!


You just got home from work at 5:00AM????

Given those crazy hours, you won't be needing this:
5am! Wow, note that is what we all notice above adn beyond the deer.

heh heh.. true that. hopefully tonight i can go home by midnight. unfortunately, i don't have a home phone.. but if i ever happen to get a telemarketer on the line at work or on my cell, my usual response is "can you please hold?" and then hangup. i like this way too, tho :D
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